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Why People Don't Hear You

In one single weekend at church, I find that I am bombarded with a barrage of information, invitations, and opportunities.  Each church communications tool has merit; each has value; but blended together they become a cacophony of mental noise until my mind disregards the message completely.

I would venture to guess your church is not significantly different.

You might be amazed how many times you “ask” people to do something at your church. Go ahead. Take a look at your website, bulletins, plasma screens, bathroom stalls. Listen to your stage announcements.  You are asking people to go, send, give, tell, attend, pray, read, study and serve  to the point that your message is lost completely.

Keep in mind, your “ask” is not the only ask that your attenders receive.  Between family, job, school, media and friends, they are constantly being asked to do something.

If you want people to respond to your “asks”, you’re going to have to simplify them, refine them, until they are significant enough that people will respond.  But how do you refine your information, invitations and opportunities into a simpler and more significant “ask”?

Here are tips on simplifying your “asks” –

  • Does the “ask” reinforce the mission and vision of your church?
  • Does the “ask” impact 80% of church community?
  • Does the “ask” deplete church resources and staff team energy?
  • Does the “ask” help church members behave the way you desire?

How does your church decide what to communicate? What filter questions do you use when making “asks”?