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10 Ways to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

It’s the New Year, and with that comes the expectation that each of us will, in some way, resolve to make changes about ourselves.  This is a good thing as it causes us to take a look at ourselves, our families, our businesses and take inventory of sorts.

The aim is not to get lost in the madness and anxiety of setting and achieving goals.  The aim is to be intentional; consistently intentional in your daily behaviors.

It is completely appropriate to look forward to the end of 2013 and ask “What do I want to accomplish at the end of 2013?”  But this year focus more on who you are becoming, more than what you are accomplishing.

Below are 10 ways to help guide you in making 2013 your best year ever:

1. Unhurriedly Spend Daily Time with God

  • Find Your Rhythm (Writing, Singing, Praying, Being Still, Walking, Morning, Night, Etc.) The key is find the best and most natural way you connect with God.
  • Find a the Perfect Place – Avoid places prompting you to work or that will distract you.
  • Make it a Priority – Nothing trumps this time on your calendar.

I personally enjoy reading the Bible while walking and praying. With my attention issues, it is perfect, as I am comfortable doing multiple things at the same time.

2. Selflessly Serve Others

  • First and foremost, serve your spouse, kids and family.
  • Have a servant mindset. Christ came to serve, not be served. That’s a pretty good example to follow.
  • Every conversation, lunch meeting, phone call, Tweet, etc. be intentional and look for ways to serve others.
  • Identify local and global mission opportunities that align with your passions.

3. Passionately Live in Community

  • Find a Bible small group in your church.
  • Meet with peers and mentors for accountability and support.

My wife and I meet every other week with a small group people. I meet regularly with peers for accountability and meet with an elder mentor to help with important decisions and overall life direction.

4. Consistently Exercise Your Body 

  • You will be more active and energized than ever by working out. It’s scientifically proven.
  • Find a workout schedule or fitness trainer perfect for you.
  • Get an accountability partner.
  • Seriously, stop making excuses. Do it.

Three years ago, I was depressed and 30 pounds overweight. Enough was enough. I did a 90-day workout program and my life changed forever. Now I work out 5-6 times a week. Over the past several years, I experimented with several workout approaches. From a fitness trainer, to a customized plan to workout groups. The key is getting off your “rear” and doing it.

5. Persistently Eat Smart

  • If you are going to workout, do not ruin your efforts by eating junk.
  • Eat healthy and energizing foods. Clean meats, fruits, vegetables. AVOID the white killers – salt, sugar and flour. And processed food.

Again, as with exercising there can be no excuses. It is your body!

6. Faithfully Rest 

  • It’s Biblical – Honor the Sabbath
  • Schedule short trips and vacations

This is a tough area for me. I had to find what was “restful” and you will too. For me, it is playing golf by myself, early in the morning. I do this as often as I can.

7. Actively Learn and Grow

  • Leaders are Learners. Learners are Leaders. Whether, you consider yourself a leader of not, learning is an essential in life. Find the ways you enjoy learning. Conferences, podcasts, magazines, blogs, books, etc.

I personally enjoy reading books on my iPad via Kindle. I value reading so much, that my wife drives everywhere we go. This is a great time to read. No, I do not ignore my wife and kids while reading in the car. In fact, I am probably more engaged as reading and talking is part of how I interact.

8. Regularly Invest in Memories

  • We have limited time in 2013. Limited time in life. Your life is but a mist, a vapor. (John 4:14)

My parents did a great job in investing in memories. I remember vacations, sporting events, etc. far more than I remember what kind of house I lived in, what kind of cars we had or what kind of clothes my parents wore. They invested in memories.

9. Generously Give 

  • God has blessed you with time, talent and treasures. Look for ways to give it away.

10. Take a Risk

  • Do something, regularly, that is outside your comfort zone.

I read a desk plaque recently that said, “Do something every single day that scares you just a little.” The point of that is don’t be content to do the same thing over and over and over, every single day. Take a risk. This doesn’t necessarily mean go skydiving, it just means stretch yourself.

Want 2013 to be the best year of your life so far? The best way to make 2013 your best year ever is to find your rhythm; be intentional each day; and make the most of every opportunity.

What are you doing to make 2013 the best year of your life?