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The Insane Struggle of Finding and Keeping Your Perspective

Scripture would teach us that what we think about, what gets our attention, what drives us, what compels us to move, those are the things we become.

As a man thinks, so shall he become. – Proverbs 23:7

As a Church Communications Pastor, I often struggled with seeing my work beyond its most practical outlet, that of communicating the events of the church.

In my heart, I suspected that I was created for more, that my work was meant for more, though demands and priorities often left me living by the tyranny of the urgent, drowning in deadlines and thinking of escape.

But all of that changed once I gained an eternal perspective; once I realized that the work I was called to do, namely that of being a Church Communications Pastor, had the potential to impact someone’s eternity.

Having an eternal perspective, though, and keeping an eternal perspective is difficult.

There is a delicate balance that must be achieved between our passions (the things that give us energy) and our priorities (the things that must get done) and our pursuits (the things we want to accomplish).

Where passion meets priorities is demand. It gives me energy. It’s a great feeling to really pour myself into a project , but if I stay in that place too long, never dreaming about what God wants me to accomplish, then I’ll likely burnout.

Where passion meets pursuits is energy. It’s incredibly fulfilling, often a fast-paced euphoria. But if I live in this place too long, I won’t get much accomplished at all because the priorities in my life are left unattended.

Where pursuits meets priority is tension. Tension is a good thing. Think of a car being towed. Not enough tension and the rope will break. Too much tension and the rope will break. Tension, over time, is draining, and will leave me feeling like my work has no value.

But to keep an eternal perspective, I must be balanced. I must be operating out of my passions, attending to priorities, and accomplishing the things that God has placed me on this earth to accomplish.

Think about where you are today as a church leader. Do you feel like the work you are doing matters? Do you feel like you are fulfilling your God-given purpose? If not, then your life may be out of balance, and you’ve likely lost your eternal perspective. But the great news is that by evaluating and making adjustments to your current reality, you can get back to a life centered on and focused on eternity.