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Inexcusable Excuses: Pastors and Social Media

Over time, working with hundreds of churches, I’ve heard the following excuses from many Senior Pastors about Social Media.

Excuse #1 – “I don’t understand it.”

Excuse #2  – “I’m not technical.”

Excuse #3 – “I’m too busy.”

Excuse #4 – “It’s a fad”

Here is my response to those excuses …

With over 845 million active users each day, Facebook reports an unbelievable 4 billion posts, likes, comments, and photo uploads every single day. If it were a country, Facebook would be the single largest country in the world.

Twitter has over 140 million active users each day, with one billion tweets every 3 days.

Meanwhile over 85% of churches are plateaued or declining, and 4,000 churches close their doors ever year.

Learning to use social media to reach the lost and to extend the influence of the church isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must. This is the environment where many, if not most of your church people interact during the week.

Think of it this way. In the past, Church Leaders would typically interact with their people once or twice a week from the pulpit and in the foyers. But with social media, you can connect relationally with people any time of the day or night. It provides you a way to connect with your audience and get feedback, allowing you to strengthen relationships with people within your church.

Let’s face it. Connecting socially through the internet is not a fad. It is going to continue to grow and expand as technology continues to grow and expand.

As a church leader, you learn the basics of Social Media, not so you can have the biggest following on Twitter or the most number of likes on Facebook. You must learn the basics of Social Media because it is a great way spread the gospel and establish community digitally.

How is your church responding?