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What You Can’t Say at Church

Fearless Topics.

Fear also prevents the church from talking about those things that people really want to talk about. But Fearless Conversation is, well, fearless.

We need to be talking about, and including God in, topics such as mental illness, racism, homosexuality, transgenderism, suicide, Islam, Mormonism, hell and doubt.

“Fear not,” God tells us.

Fearless Conversation offers a few more benefits. It provides teachers and preachers the opportunity to listen. To be quiet and listen. Which is enormously useful for any leader who wishes to understand what people are actually thinking.

In addition, real conversation (not the rudimentary meet-and-greet moment) promotes relationship and enables people to connect with others on a meaningful level. And that provides authentic relevance.

That kind of relevance does not come from the preacher’s hip clothes, facial hair or eloquent oratory. True relevance is personal, customized to each individual. Conversation is personalized, customized to each individual.

And, Fearless Conversation models to the people how to conduct a conversation about faith. If we never provide the opportunity to see and participate in faith talk, how do we ever expect our people to be salt and light in the real world in which they live?

Fear not.

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