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4 Things We Should Do for People Who Receive Christ

One of the things Jesus commissioned His followers to do is to not just make converts, but make disciples. 

However, the church has seemed to take the word “discipleship” and made it out to be one of the most confusing, boring and irrelevant things we talk about. 

Which brings me to the point of this article. 

If you brought someone to NewSpring Church for one of our Christmas services and they received Christ, here are four very simple steps ANYONE can take (no matter where you are in your spiritual growth process) to “disciple” them. 

1. Give them a phone call within the next three hours and let them know how excited you are about the decision they made to follow Christ.   

Three things people often deal with after receiving Christ are doubt, fear and loneliness.  So often in my early days of trying to figure out what it meant to walk with Jesus a phone call from a friend was more encouraging than the other person could imagine. 

2. Ask them how you can be specifically praying for them. 

And, when they tell you, call or text them 24/48 hours later to follow up and see how they are doing. 

3. Give them a Bible and encourage them to try to spend 10 minutes a day reading God’s Word. 

If they do not have a Bible they can download a free one for their smart phone right here (YOUVERSION.) 

If they are brand new to Bible reading I would suggest either the New Living Translation (NLT) or the New International Version (NIV). 

And here is our website at NewSpring that has several Bible reading plans so they will know where to begin. 

4. Make sure they are back in church ASAP. 

Church is not a good idea, it’s God’s idea. 

He knew we could not do life alone, so He built the church (Matthew 16:18.) 

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Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. The church averages 26,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. You can read all of Perry’s unfiltered thoughts about life and leadership at PerryNoble.com. Don’t worry, he holds nothing back.