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Five Helps for Your Holy Week

To help you make the most of Holy Week, we’ve ventured into the archive to find five of the best Piper articles related to the Easter season.

Straight-forward and practical, these posts stand as some of the most enduring short-form content on Jesus’s death and resurrection and what it means for our lives.

1. The Overflow of Easter: A Whole Theology of Resurrection in One Chapter

John Piper walks us through 1 Corinthians 15 and uncovers the life-changing logic of the resurrection in 11 short, summary statements. He introduces the article, “There is a whole theology of the resurrection and its achievements in 1 Corinthians 15. . . . Let each of these [truths] sink in. Savor each one. Then start your new week (the rest of your life) abounding in the work God calls you to knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

2. Ten Results of the Resurrection

This simple article, written by John Piper in 1986, explains ten wonderful results of Jesus’s resurrection and their impact on our everyday lives. The article has since been designed into a poster for free download (PDF) — to print out and tack up or use on your computer or mobile devices.

3. Eight Reasons Why I Believe That Jesus Rose from the Dead

Taking a more apologetic route, John Piper gives eight, straight-forward reasons why the resurrection of Jesus is a reliable historical fact. This resource is helpful in grounding our own faith and is especially relevant for conversations with unbelieving neighbors.

4. The Great Offense: Was Jesus Really Crucified?

John Piper begins, “No serious historian doubts the existence of Jesus Christ. Atheist scholars and Christians alike acknowledge the reality and impact of his life. But the three great religions with roots in the Middle East — Judaism, Islam and Christianity — divide over the death of Jesus and what it means.” He goes on to advocate the historicity of Jesus’s crucifixion, contrary to Muslim claims, and traces out the offense of our Savior’s Passion both then and now.

5. Lenten Lights: Eight Biblical Devotions to Prepare for Easter

One more from Piper — Noel Piper this time. Lenten Lights is a practical guide for family worship during Holy Week. Noel Piper provides daily readings as well as instructions for a simple candle ceremony to complement the meditations. This resource includes Scripture citations for each reading and inter-links on the page for increased accessibility.