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7 Qualities of Prevailing Churches

Prevailing churches are on the rise and God is growing His Kingdom all over the world. In my limited travel I have seen these qualities apparent in each local church. Note this: the qualities are there, but the approach, style, and way of executing these attributes are extremely unique.

#1 Leadership
A growing church ALWAYS has a great, called leader. Leadership that is directed through a sensitivity to The Holy Spirit. This leadership is developing leaders and their staff is developing leaders. I believe many churches will never experience God-growth, because the leader is not called…food for thought (1Timothy 3).

#2 Evangelistic
The Gospel is shared, taught, and illustrated through the life of it’s leadership. I am even watching a comeback of “come forward” invitations and series built on evangelism. Not “walk an aisle and pray a prayer”, but true repentance and lordship.

#3 Exciting Children’s Ministry
Focusing on the next generation is a church preparing it’s future.

#4 Concerned about the Poor
God is shouting to His Church “meet the needs of the poor, oppressed, needy, orphans and widows.” Prevailing churches are listening and acting.

#5 Generous
Giving is priority.

#6 Great Worship Experiences
Music, preaching, lobbies, volunteers, kids areas, offerings and even the announcements are prepared, creative and excellent.

#7 Doing More with Less
Churches that are growing, are cutting the fat and producing even greater results. Budgeting is fluid and lean. This is creating more preparation and utilizing the gifts within the church more that counting on money and a couple of staff members to accomplish tasks.

These are just a few and I welcome your list. Prevailing churches that are encouraging me right now are Fellowship ChurchGranger Community ChurchChurch on the MoveFree ChapelSeacoast ChurchBay Area FellowshipLife Point Church, and of course Brand New Church.

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Shannon O'Dell is Lead Pastor of Brand New Church. Through a God given passion for healthy churches in rural America, Brand New Church is currently leading 5 campuses and 3 Satellite House Churches. Shannon, and his wife Cindy, have 4 children.