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5 Tips for Leading the Commuter Generation

2. Do Not Make People Feel Guilty For Not Attending Every Church Function. 

Bob and his family are committed believers—to Christ and to his church.  Bob teaches an adult Bible study class and serves on the strategic planning committee for our church.  His wife, Treena, is involved in the music ministry and volunteers her time in the church office.  Their son, Collin, is actively involved in the youth ministry.  But they do not always come to Sunday evening activities of the church.  It is not because they do not like it or that they are lazy.  But years ago they made a commitment that Sunday night would be their family night.  And so it is. 

Gene Getz, pastor, author, and director of the Center for Church Renewal in Plano, Texas, writes, “Oftentimes we in the church teach people to devote time to the family, then we fill up the church schedule.  People have to make choices about what meetings they can attend.  And then we tell them they have to be committed to the Lord.  The real tension spreads when we want people to be more involved.  That confronts them with more choices, and the guilt level goes up.”

As a pastor, I had to realize that I would not receive brownie points in heaven for the number of people that came to all the church activities.  My role was not merely to coerce folks like Bob and Treena to attend every church function.  My role is to help Bob and Treena and people like them to be faithful spouses, better parents, and obedient believers.  Bob and Treena are that and more and they don’t come to all the church events.  I or anyone else need not make them feel guilty.

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Presently Rick Ezell is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina. Rick is a consultant, conference leader, communicator and coach. He is the author of six books, including "Strengthing a Pastor's Soul."