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5 Tips for Leading the Commuter Generation

4. Encourage People To Maximize Their Commute Time. 

Roland Wilson commuted by train from his home in Naperville to the Sears Tower in the Chicago loop.  While many commuters slept, read the paper, or caught up on work, Roland memorized scripture, often, large portions at a time.  Dan Jones also commuted to the National Safety Council office in downtown Chicago from his home in Warrenville.  He would pack his Bible in his brief case and use the time on the train in personal devotions.  Dale Schwartz works for Lucent Technologies.  He travels a few times each month to their facility in New Jersey.  When he finds himself in a lonely motel room he is studying to teach his Sunday School lesson.  Often he is four to five lessons ahead in preparation. Bruce Christian often spent the better part of his day in his car from one client’s office to another.  He would always have his radio tuned to the Christian radio station for inspiration and encouragement.

And, Bob, who used to get angry about the long commute traveling by car to his office, reevaluated his time.  He decided to maximize what was two hours of “dead time” and discovered a windfall of redeemed time.  No longer does he waste his two hour commute while venturing up I-355.  He listens to inspirational and motivational tapes.  In less than two years he has listened to over forty books on audio tape.  Also, he signed up to pray for an hour in our intercessory prayer ministry.  He prays that hour during his commute time. 

These stories, and others like them, need to be highlighted in a congregation.  We should celebrate the variety of creative ways people are employing to strengthen their spiritual life.  In fact, churches could assist people looking for creative helps to spur their spiritual growth.  Tape lending libraries, devotional helps, spiritual growth helps can be great resources for the commuter.

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Presently Rick Ezell is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina. Rick is a consultant, conference leader, communicator and coach. He is the author of six books, including "Strengthing a Pastor's Soul."