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Does Donald Trump Lead Your Church?

Church culture is obsessed with leadership. Our bookshelves sag beneath the weight of the subject.

Oddly enough almost all that’s written is about being a better leader, while precious little is given to making leaders. The subject being bought and sold might not really be leadership at all but rather how to get a whole bunch of people to do what you want.

Donald Trump is famous for a reason. He is a caricature of our own heart, the fleshed out reality of our own secret hopes. Nothing else could explain how someone as obnoxious and pompous could have such a large audience for so many years. It is evidence that our thirst for power has few limits.

This is not to say that leadership is bad. If anything significant is to happen there will be a leader somewhere casting vision, assembling and organizing talent, and shaping the process along the way.

Shots have to be called, even if simply for the sake of efficiency. Leaders dream. Leaders gather. Leaders take risks. Leaders impart courage and boldness. Leaders provide a plan. Leaders make things happen, and that’s a good thing.

The main issue for those leading the church is simple: what is our supreme value? Simply leading? Or the God we are following?

It’s easy to get caught in the swirl of bigger is better and becoming a more influential leader. It looks good on the outside, but I wonder is some of this zeal isn’t just another thick coat of whitewash on the tomb of our flesh.