5 Tips for Talking About Sex in the Church

A lot of Christians are talking about it… and some are talking about talking about it.

I do get that part of this is a way to engage culture and answer questions people are asking. As John Ortberg jokes, to draw a lot of people, you should teach on three subjects: sex, the end times, and will there be sex in the end times?

American churches are competing for attention through television, Twitter, media, talking heads, talk show hosts, and any other medium they can use. Strategies are developed for their message to be heard over the noise of culture. Sex, indeed, seems to get people’s attention–and many use it for that purpose in the church–yet, it is also an important issue in need of biblical clarity and discernment, not just attention and discussion. Yes, people want to talk about sex, but how do we do it in a way that glorifies Christ?

In Texas this week, Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church is taking the conversation to a whole ‘nutha’ level. Young and his wife, Lisa, will spend 24 hours hosting an event described as a “bed-in” according to an article by the Christian Post. Young is releasing a book today titled Sexperiment, and to promote the book and his upcoming sermon series, he and his wife will answer questions online–in bed.

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On the book’s Web site, Young says:

What would happen if we committed to doing our lives and marriages God’s way? We feel so passionately about it we will be hosting a Bed-In on the roof of Fellowship Church to promote it!

For 24 hours straight, we’ll be joined by some very special guests for bedside interviews, Skype with pastors and friends from around the world, and talk about the tantalizing truths about sex as God intended.

Join us here at thesexperiment.com as we bring the bed back in the church and put the church back in the bed!

I am not quite sure what a “bed-in” is exactly (the term has historically been connected with war protests), but I can only assume that is part of the strategy.

Another well-known pastor, Mark Driscoll, has recently published a book on the marriage and sex entitled Real Marriage. While the book apparently leaves no bed sheet unturned, it has received both commendation and criticism from reviewers.

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Ed Stetzer
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