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Eight Actions to Help Lead Chreasters to Christ

5. A Volunteer Phone Call

Those who came forward to receive Christ that night began one-on-one discipleship within a few days. But what about the Chreasters who didn’t register a decision with us? We asked them all to fill out a Commitment Card and place it in the offering. Those who did were called by a volunteer the next day. We have found that Chreaster contacts grow cold quickly, so we make a huge effort to call within 24 hours. The call never lasts more than five minute. (In fact, surveys show that the longer the call lasts, the less likely your visitor is to return.) Our callers thank the guest for attending and invite them our next “R.U. New Café,” where they can meet the staff and learn more about the church.

6. A Personal E-mail

Also within 24 hours, I send a brief e-mail to each guest, telling them how great it was to have them visit and asking how we can pray for them. I time my e-mail for mid-morning. I don’t want it to get lost in the beginning of the day load of e-mails everyone gets first thing in the morning. I’m hoping they check their e-mail at break time and find my note there.

7. A Personal Note

Within 48 hours, I also send all guests a handwritten note with a coupon in it. The coupon is for a free copy of a movie we made a few years ago. In 2010, New Song partnered with Sony Pictures to produce, “To Save a Life.” The coupon is a pleasant surprise, and since they have to stop by our bookstore to pick up their copy, it’s an additional incentive to return soon.

8. A Reason to Return

Every year, we try to offer a reason for the unchurched to return. One year, it was to hear a comedian the following Friday night. Another year, it was to be part of a family series. The year we released our movie, we held a movie showing. This year, we’re hosting a high profile guest (Bethany Hamilton) two weeks after Easter.

I know from Jesus’ attempts that not even he reached everyone he spoke to. But God is not willing that any should perish, and neither am I. So right now, I’m mobilizing every resource at my disposal to attract and connect Chreasters to my church. And the day after Easter, I’ll write my knuckles white with notes inviting them to return.

What are you doing to lead Chreasters to Christ? I’d love to hear about it.

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