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Why Doing Less Creates More Ministry Impact

If our quarterly team meeting was powerful, we think, “We should move that to monthly…” If the time of prayer at the end of a service was impactful, we think, “We should start doing that every week…” We think that greater frequency will increase potency, but in reality, the opposite is actually true. The more we do something, the less impact it will have.

At Next Level Church, the organization I lead, we try to infiltrate this thinking into everything we do.

1) 75-minute services.

Could we preach longer or worship longer in our weekend services? Sure, but we don’t. We would rather leave people wanting more than leave them thinking, “Are we done yet?”

2) Communion.

We do corporate communion every 6 to 8 weeks, because many of our attendees have come from a church background where communion was served so frequently that it lost its potency. We would rather do it less frequently but have it be a powerful, memorable experience than do it every week and have it just become a religious exercise.

3) Water Baptism.  

We only do water baptism twice a year, because we want it to be a powerful, impact-making experience for those being baptized and for those attending the services as well. Last weekend, we baptized 175 people…now that’s impactful!!!

4) Prayer and Fasting.  

At NLC, we believe in the power of prayer meetings and fasting, individually and corporately. We designate the first Monday of every month to prayer and fasting. We have resisted the urge to make it a weekly thing, because we know that it would kill the momentum and decrease the potency of the experience of prayer and fasting once a month.

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