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Why Doing Less Creates More Ministry Impact

5) SOAP.  

S.O.A.P. is how we read and study the Bible at Next Level Church. Each quarter, we create a SOAP Guide that gives people one chapter of the Bible to read everyday. Some comments we hear occasionally about SOAP are, “Why do we only read 1 chapter?” “Wouldn’t we grow people faster by encouraging them to read the entire Bible in a year? Or to read 3 or 4 chapters a day?”

Our logic is this: SOAP has never been meant to be the be all, end all of Bible Study. It’s an on-ramp that is doable for everyone. For the more experienced believer, they can study the Bible with way more depth than just one chapter a day.

We are convinced that more does not necessarily increase the potency of what someone is reading in Scripture. We believe if someone can receive one verse every day that is a timely God-word for them, it has the power to change their life.

When it comes to building momentum, energy, and power in your organization, think less, not more. Decreasing Frequency will Increase Potency every time.

So leaders, what events, services, or programs are you doing too frequently? What in your organization or department could become insanely more powerful or potent if you just ratcheted down the frequency of it?