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5 Tests of a Church’s Generosity

For the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about GENEROSITY. So a while back, I threw together in my mind a list for evaluating the generosity of a church. Here it is:

Are the needs of members met?

A generous church does not have members who are homeless, starving, or destitute. (That initially feels like a strong statement, but I’m going to stick with it.)

Are the needs of the community met?

The manner in which a church stewards its resources (lets be honest, the building is usually a big one), particularly in regards to the external community, says a lot about its generosity level.

What’s the EQ?  

Every church has an “entitlement quotient” that mirrors the generosity level of the congregation. One way to gauge EQ is to measure how often “I,” “my,” and “mine” appear in conversations.

Are the needs of the pastors met?

Sure, this feels self-serving, but I’ll bet most pastors could tell you pretty easily (if they were willing to be honest) whether or not they feel that their church invests in their well being.

Are the needs of outsiders met?

A generous church is a wonderful church to visit. How people feel after they visit a church gathering for the first time is a super indicator of the church’s generosity level.