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Church Leadership: Is 50 the New 30?


Because the accrued wisdom needed to lead a Kingdom movement is simply not possible for someone who is younger. For instance, the early church didn’t really begin to take on movemental properties, at least in my opinion, until Paul is training and sending out his team beginning in Acts 19 in Ephesus. At that point in his life, Paul is probably well over 50.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with IQ, smarts, and charismatic gifting. It comes with the wisdom of trying at something for more than 30 years and all the failure that this entails. We may love the stories of wild success they seemingly find overnight at a young age, but these things aren’t reproducible.

I’m starting to find certain things incredibly reproducible, and every day my ability to do them grows…even in the midst of failure. I expect that will lead to a lot of gained wisdom in the next 20 years, right?

For me, I find this liberating. No longer is the pressure there to perform, achieve, and prove by the eve of my 31st birthday. What it does is allow me to simply listen to what God is asking me to do and to constantly reflect on what I’m learning as I respond to what he’s saying…in both success and failure, knowing that the more experience and reflection I have, the more capacity I have to lead something truly movemental in the future.

This isn’t me trying to skirt responsibility but to process the nature of human development and growth as I’m observing things around me.

I wonder if that makes sense? What say you, faithful readers?

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Doug is the Director of Communications for 3DM, and organization devoted to building a disciple-making culture in the local church.