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Don't "Rescue" the Church: Rediscover Your Unique Mission

2. A Compelling Purpose stimulates commitment.

When a congregation has a compelling mission that is bigger than self, people are more motivated to give of themselves in service to the mission. People want to be a part of something that is making a difference for God in their community. People want to know that they are giving of themselves in a significant way. A Compelling Purpose increases the amount and depth of service in the community.

3. A Compelling Purpose stimulates generosity.

We know all too well that people hold very tightly to their money. If the church’s budgetary needs were all that was needed to motivate generous giving, then churches would simple share a need and the money would flow in abundance. We know this does not happen. What we do know is that people will become generous if the mission/ministry they are giving to is truly making a difference in the lives of others.  A Compelling Purpose increases giving.

It is counterintuitive, but it is true that the church that focuses on survival will die, and the church that puts a compelling mission in front of all else will grow more effective as they make a difference for God in their community. Rediscovering the unique missional code of a church and then inviting people to connect to and align with that mission must be at the center of any transformation for a declining church. It is then that the call to love God, to love neighbor, and make disciples will thrive. And the local church may just thrive too.