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10 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Truth: “Hey, preacher man, good sermon!” is nice…but come on, we can do better than that, right?

We can do better than the shoulder squeeze with the solemn look in the eye. Better than the slow head nod of approval. Especially when we remember that our pastors spend hours each week pouring out their hearts on stage, ministering to and in our communities, and shepherding hardheads like us.

The work of a pastor is often lonely, difficult work…we need your encouragement.

Encouragement isn’t that difficult, but it takes being intentional. Here are 10 ways to encourage your pastor:.

1. Appreciate the work they do throughout the week, not just on Sunday.

You know that being a pastor is more than a Sunday gig, right? We don’t love that you-only-work-one-day-a-week ribbing, by the way.

2. Take notes on Sunday.

This is a great way to encourage pastors…at least act like you’re going to work diligently to remember and apply their teaching.

3. E-mail them on Tuesday and let them know you’re still working through your notes from Sunday.

4. Deflect criticism on their behalf.

Your pastor likely takes a lot of heat. Some may be deserved…much of it likely isn’t. Instead of joining in the criticism, stand up and show your pastor some love. Help others see the good side of your pastor.

5. Speak well of your local church.

Pastors take great care and spends much effort to present and grow a beautiful local church. Speaking well of your church is a great way to encourage and honor the work your pastor’s done.