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3 Things Leaders Must Do to Impart Vision

We are all leaders in some way.

In parenting, community, groups, church, industry or corporations. The rules apply across the board. And the same question greets each leader every day, “How do I get those who follow me to run with this vision?”

Even though the answer is quite complex, and varies within culture, community and context, I have come to believe the “Steps” to be quite simple …

Head, Heart, Hand

This process must move from one step to the next, with great passion and patience. But, it must all begin with the …

1 — Head

When we feel we know what must be done, and the direction that must be followed, this knowledge fuels our: Passion, Vision and Direction.

So, the first step in imparting vision is to over …


We communicate Passion, Vision and Direction over and over until we puke when we have to say and explain it again! Because those that follow you must not only know the vision, but … be able to repeat it with the same passion as we do. When they do that, you know it has made it to their …

2 — Heart

Once those on your team see your Passion, hear the Vision and understand the Direction it will take to get there, and begin to buy in and believe it with you, you know it has reached their heart.

The heart is the only place REAL belief can take place. If you stop at the head, all they have is knowledge. They may know the vision, but may never really buy into it, and truly believe it! This is a must, if you ever want them to move their …

3 — Hand

This is the final step. The place where things get done. Where you become a leader that truly understands that vision casting is a process that takes passion and patience, and you want those with you to …

Run with you, not just listen to you.

In order for that to happen, these three steps must be followed in the correct order! You can’t just communicate a vision and then start handing out orders of what needs to be done (hand). Given, there are times that must happen, but those should be rare, if ever.

Over communicate Passion, Vision and Direction until they not only know it in their heads, but they believe it in their hearts. Then and only then will you have the loyalty and collective power of their actions (hand).

Which part challenges you the most?

  • The Passion to over communicate the Vision?
  • The Patience to wait for them to truly believe it?
  • The Planning it takes for the vision to come into existence?   
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