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Are You Too Impatient for a Microwave Meal?

It’s right there on the instructions printed on the packaging:

“Let stand two minutes … “

So, you’ve nuked your food for two to four minutes. You’re already drooling from having to wait so long! Now the food distributor wants you to wait an additional two minutes?

Not likely!

Instead, you slightly burn your tongue biting into the hot food too soon, spending the next two minutes blowing on the food in an attempt to cool it … because you’re still impatient!

Are you too impatient for a microwave meal? Then you may not be very effective as a follower of Christ, a life that routinely demands our patience toward others, ourselves and even God.

But patience has its reward.

Take, for instance, this example from the life of William Carey …

After Carey was well-established in his pioneer missionary work in India, his supporters in England sent a printer to assist him. Soon the two men were turning out portions of the Bible for distribution. Carey had spent many years learning the language so that he could produce the scriptures in the local dialect. He had also prepared dictionaries and grammars for the use of his successors.

One day while Carey was away, a fire broke out and completely destroyed the building, the presses, many Bibles and the precious manuscripts, dictionaries and grammars. When he returned and was told of the tragic loss, he showed no sign of despair or impatience.

Instead, Carey knelt and thanked God that he still had the strength to do the work over again. He started immediately, not wasting a moment in self-pity. In England, news of the event sparked an interest that sent more money and materials than Carey had ever received. Before his death, he had duplicated—and even improved upon—his earlier achievements.

Patience turned out to be a blessing for the mission work of William Carey.

How could you know the greater blessings of God by learning to be patient?

“Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord,” Psalm 27:14.  

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Dr. James Scott, Jr., is a minister, former church planter, Christian clinical therapist, certified Personal Trainer, and author. He currently serves as Founder and President of Scott Free Clinic, an international parachurch ministry. Follow him at ScottFreeClinic.org.