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You Might Be a Celebrity Pastor Wannabe If …

In blogdom, writing and pastoral ministry in general, there is a temptation to pursue being popular; to pursue being a celebrity.

Yet, in order to follow Christ, we must deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him (Matt. 16:24). This includes denying our desire to be popular, our desire to be celebrities.

Are you a celebrity Christian wannabe?

You might be a celebrity Christian wannabe if …

1. You’d rather minister to strangers on the Internet than those in the hospital, nursing home, shut-ins or orphans.

These people cannot do anything to increase your celebrity status.

2. You’re jealous when other godly voices are heard and heeded above your own.

God’s glory is no longer your goal, for your voice must be heard.

3. You frequently link to other celebrity Christians in hope that they’ll notice you, and return the favor.

Thus, you rarely link to the articles of anyone who isn’t a celebrity Christian.

4. You’re no longer corrected or taught by your local pastor(s), Sunday school teachers, small group leaders or other Christians.

You’re the celebrity, they’re not; they should learn from you. Yet, if God’s word is true and authoritative, any Christian who teaches it accurately will do.

5. You’d never take a ministry position that limited or decreased your popularity.

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