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Prepare for Easter WITHOUT Committing These 7 Deadly Sins

6. Anger

Don’t be mad at people for being sinners. They don’t know any better. Instead, share a message of hope for sinners. That’s the beauty of the Gospel. Here’s a practical tip: smile more.

Too many preachers have a scowl on their faces and look like they’re glad that people are hurting. Allow people to see the joy of the Lord on your face when you speak.

7. Sloth

Don’t be lazy! The time to get up and start planning to reach your community is now! Don’t delay one more second!

I believe that this is the most important Easter since the inception of your church (and mine). People are frustrated. They are hurting. They are feeling financial, relational and vocational pressures.

Now is the time for churches to be innovative in their outreach strategies and old school in their Gospel presentation. Let’s do whatever we can to share with people that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 

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Bob Franquiz is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Miami, FL. Bob is also the founder of church-strategies.com, an organization that provides training and resources to Pastors and Church Leaders. Bob is also the author of Elements: Starting a Revolution in your World, Watermark: An Explanation of Baptism and Zero to Sixty: 60 Principles and Practices for Leading a Growing Church.