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One-Step Preaching

Magazine covers boast 1,000 tips for this, 101 ideas for that …

…Your spouse asks you to improve three things in your life …

…Just about anywhere you turn, you’re being bombarded with a ridiculous amount of suggestions, ideas, recommendations, and requests. Most will be ignored, and if too many are taken on at once, most will fail.

The best way to help someone improve their life is with one solid idea at a time. Give them one step they can take that would take them one step forward.

Then you can add another.

And then another.

Before long, you can add two or three at a time.

Eventually, the person can take a broader view of growth and develop a more comprehensive approach to their development.

Considering the average American never writes down a personal goal, it’s unrealistic to think that person will suddenly become a highly disciplined achiever just because you provide them with a winning road map to transforming their lives.

Leaders who consistently are churning out lists of ideas, steps, patterns, and plans need to step back and realize if they get someone to take ONE step they will have greater success than the leader who actually thinks a majority will implement every aspect of the whole constructs they provide.

Usually, people who aren’t going forward and are in the greatest need of the leader’s teaching are those who aren’t taking any steps forward. Why, then, would you expect them to suddenly have the self-discipline to jump five or ten steps from where they are at now?

Start them with one step. The most needed, most immediate step. A step they can take and achieve right now.

The result will be they have taken a step forward. They will experience the success of moving forward a step. They will be primed to believe they can take another step. Before you know it, one step in front of another leads to a new walk of life!