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How Long to Preach: The Eternal Question

So many folks continue to ask this question that I thought I would revisit this idea. There are a few questions that come up repeatedly and this is the most common one. Every time I open the floor for questions someone asks, “How Long Should My Sermon Be?”

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no one right answer to that question. But, I am going to give you my time frame at the end of this article. Before we get there, however, I want to say a few things that you need to have in your mind. These things are more important than sermon length.

One Central Point

First, the preacher must have a point. Note the use of the singular. It is not “many” points, but one central point.

Then the preacher must make sure that everything is related to that main point. And I mean everything. Your whoop must be related. If you have a whoop which is by no means necessary. But if you have one, make sure it is related. Your introduction must be related. Yes, even that story about your child that you want to shoehorn into the sermon must be related. Yes Everything, and I mean every single thing you want to put into the sermon.

If preachers would have one major point and relate everything to that main point, then there would be little problem with time. Whether that preacher preached an hour or 20 minutes, the sermon would be the correct length.

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