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10 Ways to Authenticate Your Preaching

6. Fellowship with both the children and youth during their fellowship time. Most churches have some form of fellowship for the youth and children. Occasionally, participate in this time. Play a few games with the children, lead their devotion, etc. Show these children the love of Christ!

7. Attend the occasional seniors’ meeting. Most churches have some sort of seniors’ meeting. It may be called the Just Older Youth (JOY) Ministry. Enjoy God through enjoying the ministry of these people. Let them know that you support them.

8. Attend the occasional WMU meeting. Even though these meetings are largely women-only meetings, it’s an excellent ministry that you can be a part of. Pastors should show their interest and support for the various missions ministries of the church, even if they’re for women only. It must be noted here that you should speak with the leader of the WMU before you show up unannounced. Sometimes, since these meetings are women-only, the content is necessarily geared toward women. The presence of a man may hinder the desired discussion.

9. Periodically, fellowship with your church members outside your church building. You could organize this by inviting various age groups, Sunday school classes, or Discipleship Training classes to some form of fellowship in the community. You could catch a high school sports game with several folks, attend a local play at the community theater, go out to eat, go to the park, etc.

10. Invite the occasional Sunday school class, Discipleship Training class, youth group, children’s group, seniors group, WMU, etc. over to your home for games, food, and fellowship. Now, if you struggle financially, you could provide snacks, and have the event sometime after lunch, but before dinner. One of the qualifications of being a pastor is hospitality (2 Tim. 3:2). How hospitable are you?

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