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Preach Like It's Good News!

Now HERE’S a concept! Preach like it’s GOOD news! In Mark 16:15 (NLT) Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone!” 

I don’t know about you, but I love good news! I love getting good news, and I love giving good news! In fact, when I’m about to GET good news, I’m so excited I can hardly wait to hear it! When I’m about to GIVE good news, I don’t wait—I give it early! (On Christmas Day in my house, there’s nothing to open!) And, of course, JESUS is the BEST news in history! Preach like it’s GOOD NEWS!

I have a question for you: When you’re giving good news to someone, how do you give it? Do you get a monotone voice? How ’bout a preacher voice? Do you yell at them, belittle or condescend to them? Do you use words they don’t understand? Does your body language look irritated or disapproving? Of course you don’t!

Could you imagine? “I’ve got good news for you! You’re a dummy! You’re a low-life scumbag who can’t seem to get anything right! You’re unfaithful, you’re selfish, you’re arrogant, you’re a liar, you’re undisciplined, and you’re a cheat and a snake! And hey, bring a friend next Sunday as I’ve got good news for them, too!” 

Sadly, that’s what many of our “good news” churches feel like! Churchgoers get the beat down all week long—and the knockout punch hits hard on Sunday.

The Good News is supposed to be … GOOD NEWS! It’s all about JESUS! Jesus giving us salvation, hope, healing, forgiveness, peace, direction, inspection, correction, protection … OOHHH, I was startin’ to get my preach on! Our sermons should sound like good news and feel like good news; after all, the Good News is life-changing!

I’d like to give you five quick thoughts about what we ought to “be” when we give the Good News. Of course, there are hundreds—but these are the five that first shot through my mind.  

Five Things You Gotta Be When You’re Giving the “Good News”:

Thought #1: Be Fun. Now, I realize for some people, this is a greater miracle than the resurrection of Jesus! But be fun! Have a good time!   

Giving good news is FUN! Well, at least it should be.  

I have a saying at Impact Church that I established early on with my team and my congregation: “Church should be fun! In fact, church should be a God-sized party!” Pastor, if you’re not having fun, nobody is having fun! It’s not just any party—it’s God’s party! 

Too many people sit in too many churches that are way too boring! Smile! Laugh! Joke! Make fun of youself! When I make fun of or laugh at myself, my church laughs with me—or at me. 

Church is fun when we’re having fun. Having fun relaxes people and opens their hearts. Be cheerful! 

Remember Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine … ” Give them some good medicine! BE FUN!

Thought #2: Be You. When preaching the Good News, just be YOU!

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Travis Hearn is the senior pastor of ImpactChurch.com located in Scottsdale, Arizona and is also the Team Pastor for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. Impact Church has experienced explosive growth and was recognized as an Outreach 100 Fastest Growing Church in America in 2013, ranking #2 by percentage and #9 overall. Travis has served as Team Pastor for the Phoenix Suns since 2002 and also serves as the Oakland A’s Major League Baseball Team during Spring Training. Travis is married to Natalie and they have three kids: Kylie, Josiah and Jazzlyn. The newest member of the Hearn family is a five-pound full grown Toy Schnauzer named Rocco. Contact him on Twitter and Instagram @TravisHearn.