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Five Funeral Blunders You CAN Avoid

4. Do not say or imply the deceased was perfect.

Real people are encouraged to hear about real life. And real life is full of both joys and sorrows.

The honored saint has finished the race and fought the good fight of faith. We can learn from the life of anyone united with Christ.

5. Do not leave out the reality of heaven—expound on it.

The church needs to keep hearing and studying from God’s Word about our future home. Lack of talk about heaven reveals our lack of faith, hope and joy in it. This dearly departed child of God now enjoys God and the riches of his kingdom.

For at least a few moments, we can pull people out of their “here and now” perspective that shrinks the joy set before them in Christ. Remind them that Christians are always surrounded by grace and have nothing but heaven in front of them.   

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John Pond is pastor of students at West Jackson Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee.