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Check Yourself: 20 Questions Every Preacher Should Ask

Years ago, when I began preaching, I developed a list of 20 questions to evaluate a sermon—before preaching it. It remains a mental checklist I use to this day:

1. Do I grab the listener’s attention as soon as I start speaking?

2. Does the talk start where people are (with their culture, needs, problems, issues, questions)?

3. Does it come on too strong, too fast?

4. Am I teaching the listener something he didn’t already know?

5. Am I communicating what God says, not my opinions?

6. Have I included an introduction of myself and words of welcome to the listener?

7. Have I included a restatement somewhere in the talk of either Cobblestone’s mission (“loving people into life-changing encounters with God”) or distinctives (community-oriented, student-friendly, seeker-aware, outward-focused)?

8. Have I offered an elementary (but not condescending) explanation of the text that will help even a Bible newbie find it without feeling stupid (as well as avoidance of “church lingo” as much as possible)?

9. Have I revealed anything of myself in the talk without revealing anything inappropriate (so much the better if it’s vulnerable, self-effacing and/or winsome)?

10. Do I interact with my listeners in the talk (e.g., mentioning people’s names, asking for responses, etc.)?

11. Have I included humor?

12. Am I being realistic instead of shallow? Will my listener believe I understand what he’s really going through?

13. Have I touched (not manipulated) my listener’s emotions?

14. Is my talk focused enough (instead of rambling)?

15. Have I played a part in meeting a felt need?

16. Is the “solution” I propose realistic? Life-related? Biblical?

17. Does the structure of my talk logically lead to the conclusion/application?

18. Have I left out anything important, crucial?

19. Have I given clear application for both a seeker and a Christian that answers the question, “OK, what am I supposed to do with this information now/today/this week?”

20. Have I made reference to how my listener can find further help (e.g., prayer counselors)?

A few things changed over the years. And if I were to revise it today, I would change a few things (e.g., adding some sort of reference to creating a visual, tactile or other sensory impact, as I did in the sermon pictured above by wearing a straitjacket for much of the message). But, overall, the questions still serve pretty well.

So what questions would you add or subtract? Or revise?  

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