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Your 7-Step Survival Guide to Preaching Multiple Services

5. Go to the bathroom between services (just after one and just before the next). With all of this drinking you will need to use the bathroom. There are few things worse that when you’re about to get up to preach and you have to pee like crazy. Go to the bathroom twice between services if you can.

6. Eat a snack between services. This is SO important! Your breakfast will not get you through to the afternoon. You want to eat a quick snack between each service. I have a routine that fits in a snack time. After the service ends I am available down front for anyone who wants to talk or pray with me. When I finish these conversations, I head backstage for a quick snack. I grab a banana and a granola bar or mixed nuts that I stashed in a cabinet when I got there that morning. I scarf down the food, make sure there is nothing in my teeth and I head out to the foyer to hang out with people. It takes all of five minutes and it gives me the fuel I need to keep going.

7. Guard your conversations. People will want to talk with you, which is awesome! But you need to know your limits. If you preach a message and have no time to go to the bathroom, sit down for a second, grab a quick snack, or even have a moment or two of silence, it is really difficult to jump into the next service with the needed amount of energy. Set a time when your conversations after the sermon need to be finished, and have someone ready who can take over if there are still needs that must be addressed.

What do you do? If you preach multiple services, how do you stay energized?