5 Different Ways to Prepare a Sermon: Pastors Share Their Secrets

Aron Kirk on How to Prepare a Sermon

  • Tuesday morning from 7 a.m.-noon:
    • Pray and ask God to help me/guide me on this message
    • Read the Scripture for that week
    • Read a commentary on the passage (usually David Guzik or Matthew Henry from BlueLetterBible.com)
    • Research key phrases/words in original language (again using Blue Letter Bible.com)
  • Wednesday all day:
    • Pray and ask God to help me and guide me
    • Write entire message (I don’t full manuscript, but rather what I would call an “extended-notation” form; notes but with important sections written out)
  • Thursday morning 7 a.m.-noon:
    • Pray and ask God to help me and guide me
    • edit message and practice it (repeat)
  • Sunday morning 5 a.m.-7 a.m.:
    • final run through and edits
    • Pray for the Holy Spirit to help me speak it and to open hearts to be receptive to it and to apply it accordingly to those hearts!
      • Usually do this after the final run through while driving to the church

This schedule depends on a sermon calendar having been determined in advance (at least a few months out). Without having that, I think I would be too overwhelmed and stressed out to try to figure out the topic/scripture to preach on as well as the research, writing, editing and practicing!

Joe Hoagland on How to Prepare a Sermon

My process is pretty consistent from week to week. On Monday and Tuesday I am mainly looking for the context of the passage or topic that I am preaching on with commentaries and other sermons. I then start compiling potential illustrations. On Wednesday I put it all together and on Thursday I work on exactly how I want to present the sermon text I have. I segment a specific portion of time on Saturday night for prayer specific to the sermon and people who are going to hear.

  • Monday
    • Find Passage and start study
  • Tuesday
    • Continue study: consult commentaries and  past sermons, compile illustrations
  • Wednesday
    • Craft sermon text or outline
  • Thursday
    • Work on the Presentation of the content
  • Saturday night
    • Pray for the people about to hear the message, and that I might speak God’s word faithfully  
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Brandon Kelley
Brandon Kelley serves at a fast-growing church plant in Batavia, Ohio (east side of Cincinnati) called The Crossing in the role of Outreach & Communications Pastor. He loves to learn and write about preaching and leadership.