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Viral Video on "Hating" Religion Hits 11 Million Views in One Week

A new viral video is creating a stir among church leaders due to it’s strong stance against religion. The video, “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus,” has more than 11 million views after only five days on YouTube.

The author and spoken word poet, Jefferson Bethke, says he created the video to “highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion.” 

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In a recent blog on The Gospel Coalition, Kevin DeYoung says that the video’s premise—that Jesus came to abolish religion—simply isn’t true or theologically accurate. “The word ‘religion’ occurs five times in English Standard Version of the Bible. It is, by itself, an entirely neutral word,” says DeYoung. 

Stephen Altrogge offered an alternative view about the hotly debated video on his blog, The Blazing Center. “The question that everyone should be asking is: was Jesus opposed to religion as defined by Jefferson Bethke? The answer to that question is a definite yes.”

We invite you to watch the video for yourself and share your view. Does Jesus hate religion and should you hate it too?

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