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Tim Keller: C.S. Lewis Still Influences My Life

The influence of C.S. Lewis is difficult to overstate. Over 75 years after his first published work, Lewis’s popularity only seems to be increasing while many authors have come and gone.

From fiction (The Chronicles of Narnia); to science fiction (Perelandra); to apologetics (Mere Christianity); and theology (The Four Loves), Lewis’ work crosses nearly all literary genres. Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian, shares in the following video the enduring influence of C.S. Lewis upon his life and ministry.

Keller first became acquainted with Lewis through the mentorship of an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship leader at his college. The influence of Lewis upon Keller’s life was not just a short period of time but rather ongoing for two reasons.

First, Lewis saw in the forties and fifties what would become what we call postmodernism now. He clearly anticipated a cultural trajectory that would cause the general population to reject objective moral standards. Second, Lewis was a man of imagination. He had an uncanny ability to break highly abstract thinking into understandable illustrations.

Additionally, Lewis has been instrumental in helping readers see the “thought trends” that eventually manifest themselves in social issues such as abortion, sex trafficking, and same-sex marriage. Watch the video for more from this fascinating interview.