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The Parable of Farmer Dave and the Big Red Tractor

There was once a village and in this village was a big red tractor. Every morning during the plowing season the village people would come and take turns starting the tractor. The villagers loved hearing the noises that the tractor would make and would cheer because it was the tractor that would help them through the plowing season. The villagers would also work together in moving the tractor as they had been doing for generations. Some days they would move the chapter 10 feet, other times 20 feet and they would do this for three whole months out of the year. You can imagine the delight of the villagers as rain and sun would produce out of the ground a wonderful harvest for the entire village.

One day Farmer Dave was going through old boxes in his attic and guess what he found? Tucked away in an old box was the Owner’s Manual for the Big Red Tractor! The manual explained how the tractor was made and all the great things it could do. As Farmer Dave studied the manual he realized that if the tractor was running properly that it could plow the entire field in a single day. In excitement Farmer Dave gathering all the villagers to tell them the good news but his excitement was short lived because the villagers did not believe him. Though saddened by their unbelief, Farmer Dave was determined and stayed up all night fixing the Big Red Tractor. Farmer Dave was so excited about the newly fixed tractor that he plowed the field in one night!

When morning came the villagers were in shock about what had transpired in the field. They now were able to harvest so much food that they had more than they needed. The extra food gave them the opportunity the ship food to other villages that need it. The Big Red Tractor and the village became famous for being the most generous of people in the whole wide world.

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