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Catholic School Teachers Balk at Morality Clause

Catholic school teachers in Cincinnati, Ohio, are challenging a revised morality clause included in their contracts for next year. The city’s 2,200 teachers are required to agree to it in order to keep their jobs. The clause adds a ministry title to teaching positions and forbids sex outside marriage, unmarried cohabitation, surrogate parenting, in vitro fertilization, homosexual lifestyles and improper use of social media.

CNN reported that the “minister” title addition is designed to give the archdiocese more freedom in hiring/firing employees and protects them from lawsuits over discrimination.

Superintendent Dr. Jim Rigg explained in an opinion piece in a local media outlet that there’s nothing new in the revision; rather the requirements have been “abundantly” clarified. But teachers are criticizing the clause, saying the language will “drive even more Catholics away.”

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