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Beth Moore: God Told Me to Take Money and Go to a Bus Stop

Beth Moore: God Told Me to Take Money and Go to a Bus Stop

Beth Moore says as she was praying one day, she saw a picture of a bus station in Houston and felt the Lord telling her she needed to go there. She also sensed him saying “Take money with you. I will tell you who to give it to.” Moore clarifies that she didn’t hear the audible voice of God, but “felt it in my spirit.”

She also sensed how much money she was supposed to withdraw from the ATM on the way to the bus station. “I believe I know in my heart how much it’s supposed to be,” she says, recalling the situation.

Moore says that God didn’t give a specific time to go the bus station—just the instruction to go and wait. So after running some errands, she located the specific bus station and sat in her car—waiting for she didn’t know what.

As she was sitting in her car, Moore had the thought “What if I made this up?” She explains hearing from God like this “doesn’t happen to me very often.” But as she was sitting there, Moore came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter if she was making it up. “So what? [God’s] not going to despise me because I thought I understood him to say so and so,” she says.

We won’t give away the ending of the story—you’ll have to hear for yourself what happened at the bus station. But let it be known that God doesn’t despise us when we feel like we are hearing from him. And he is a God who speaks to us.

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