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The Surprising State of the Average Church-Goer’s Theology


Ligonier Ministries conducted a survey to determine the state of theology in the United States in 2016. The results don’t look good. Ligonier claims “evangelicalism is faltering.”

Based on a series of questions to self-professing evangelicals, Ligonier has come to the conclusion that evangelicals have rejected much of the tenants of Christianity.

Among the questions asked concern themselves with things like salvation through faith alone (and not works) and the authority of the Bible. For instance, one set of questions revealed that “43% of people who agree that God is the author of Scripture also agreed that modern science discredits the claims of the Bible.”

To read more information on the findings, you can visit the website Ligonier has set up to share the findings. To get a taste of the responses they received, check out the video below. This video would make a great discussion starter with your congregation.