Should Christians Have an Easier Time with Loss Than Non-Christians?


Oftentimes we think “because we are Christians, somehow loss should hurt less,” Nancy Guthrie explains. After all, we have our faith in God to rely on, right? If you have experienced any kind of loss in this life, you know this is sadly not true.

So how does a Christian, who believes in a faithful and loving God who orchestrates our moving, living, and being, respond to loss?

As Guthrie explains, the first reality about loss we have to grasp is that we still hurt deeply. “Faith doesn’t make loss hurt less. Fatih does, however, give us perspective about loss. Faith gives us hope in the midst of loss.”

To illustrate this point, Guthrie turns our attention to 2 Corinthians 7, when Paul talks about the thorn in his flesh. Guthrie explains that Jesus doesn’t tell Paul he’s going to take the thorn away, but he does say he’s going to give “the grace you need, in the form, in the timing, in the quantity in which you need it. So that you are able to endure faithfully the pain that I’m not going to take away.”

Another way to put “my grace is sufficient” is “I’m going to be enough for you. I’m going to provide everything you need to endure the pain that I’m not going to take away.”

Nancy Guthrie recently joined us on the Church Leader’s Podcast.

#Wisdom Wednesday with Nancy Guthrie “How can a Christian deal with loss?” from Reformed Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

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