Videos For Pastors

When Comedy Is a Ministry

Comedian Michael Jr. takes humor into dark places as a ministry.

What is the Kingdom of God Like?

Mark Driscoll unpacks two parables that help point us to the kingdom of God.

The Kimyal People Receive the N.T.

Ed Stetzer: "This will make your cry. You don't think so? Watch it. I dare you."

Beth Moore: Surrender to Him

Are you in the trap of surrendering to your own plans and not God's?

Discover the Power Behind Empowered Ministry

Pastor Paul Hontz of The 6:4 Fellowship reminds us "we are not enough in ourselves."

Reading Books from Other Religions?

John Piper address the question of reading other religions' books.

N.T. Wright: Why We Don't Talk About Hell

What are the roots of our distaste and fascination about this Biblical subject?

Chandler: Following God May End Badly

The good news is that you get Jesus and he's enough--no matter what circumstance comes.

Chan: Leading Through Prayer

Every time I experience answered pray, I am just in awe of God. Why do I do anything but pray?

Rob Bell Defends Himself and Mars Hill

This clip from 2008 has great relevance for the discussion and debate surrounding "Love Wins" today.

Rob Bell's 7 Minutes in the MSNBC Hot Seat

What questions would you like to ask Rob Bell? MSNBC's Martin Bashir had a few.

"Missional:" Does the Word Still Have Value?

What happens when a popular label gets in the way of the reality?

Steven Furtick: Hey, Haters

In this creative video, Pastor Steven Furtick refutes the "haters" in church and encourages a movement of unity.

God Is Listening—Are You?

In this video by Granger Church, the concept of prayer is explored from a vulnerable viewpoint.

Could Missional Thinking Change Seminary Education?

Alan Roxburgh and Eddie Gibbs talk about the issues around educating Church leaders and the challenges ahead.

Pursuing Pastoral Ministry

James MacDonald and C. J. Mahaney offer counsel to young leaders who desire to work in full-time ministry.

Can You Learn from Others?

Pastor Bill Hybels asks whether your "learning bandwidth" is getting wider or narrower?
Can Christians Get Tattoos?

Is It OK For a Christian to Get a Tattoo?

Craig Groeschel gives his take on this controversial question.

Life-Changing Grace

The Indie-film, "The Grace Card," demonstrates how one act of grace can change history.

You Can’t Scare People Into Heaven

The fear of hell by itself saves nobody.

Latest News

Bob Buford: Mega-Force Behind Megachurch Movement Dies at 78

In 1999, Bob Buford helped sell the family business interest in order to create philanthropic initiatives designed to serve churches.

New Podcasts

Jamie Mertens: Keep it Simple, Let God Work

“We want to keep everything lightweight, low maintenance and high quality.  For the purpose of being able to respond to what God is doing in the community versus manufacturing something and then asking God to bless it.” - Jamie Mertens