Videos For Pastors

Dallas Willard, What the Church Needs to Get Right

John Ortberg and Dallas Willard discuss the centrality of Jesus' message in the Gospels.

Mission-shaped Mobilization

Who will be the change-agents in a city (or nation)--the clergy or the laity?

The Journey of a Church Planter

"Sometimes God gets in the way to show us the way," says Mark Batterson.

Sinful Views of Sin

Mark Driscoll: "We can sin on how we sin the sin."

Test Everything

Alister McGrath explains why scientific discoveries can and should lead use to re-assess our faith.

Should Pastors Perform Weddings for Unbelievers?

John Piper shares his input on "if" and "when" it's appropriate for pastors to marry unbelievers.

Chan: Think Biblically

We say we think biblically, but do we really live our lives according to the examples given to us in the Bible?

Driscoll’s Devotional and Preaching Life

Driscoll explains how he juggles devotional time and studying for sermons.

Choosing Our Destiny

J.I. Packer discusses C.S. Lewis and the Apostle Paul as he talks about our personal choices and eternal destiny.

John Piper: Abortion Is About God

What's really at stake when we talk about abortion? John Piper says "It's about God."

Gabe Lyons and the Next Christians

Gabe Lyons shares insights into the struggles and passions of the "Next Christians."

Should We Cast Out Demons?

John Piper shares his thoughts about casting out demons and spiritual warfare.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Last Speech

This was the last speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. He was assassinated the next day.

Community or "Communitas?"

Author Michael Frost suggests that true community is a by-product of something more valuable: Communitas.

David Robinson: Good Works and Grace

NBA Hall-of-Famer David Robinson discusses how to become a Christian with Randy Frazee.

Suffering Is Not an Option

Francis Chan asks: "Why would we need a Comforter if we are comfortable?"

Seth Godin: Do Work That Matters

We live in an age that needs less compliance and more grace.

Furtick: Creating a Page 23 Vision

Steven Furtick encourages leaders to chase after a big vision for following God.

Eugene Peterson on Simple Bible Reading

Eugene Peterson reflects on the difference between reading and studying the Bible.

Jesus Sneezed

Alan Hirsch reminds us "all great ideas are viral." The idea that Jesus is Lord is the ultimate infection.

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Three Dallas Cowboys Are Baptized—Their Video and Faith Goes Viral

Three Dallas Cowboys players were baptized by the team's chaplain December 6 and the video has gone viral with 5.1 million views (so far) and 71,417 shares after Jonathan Evans posted the video on Facebook.

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Josh and Sean McDowell: How to Answer Skeptics in a Post-Truth...

“Evidence is not argumentative, it's neutral. It's how you use it whether it’s good positive or unproductive.” - Josh McDowell