Videos For Pastors

Videos For Pastors

Chandler: Following God May End Badly

The good news is that you get Jesus and he's enough--no matter what circumstance comes.

Chan: Leading Through Prayer

Every time I experience answered pray, I am just in awe of God. Why do I do anything but pray?

Rob Bell Defends Himself and Mars Hill

This clip from 2008 has great relevance for the discussion and debate surrounding "Love Wins" today.

Rob Bell's 7 Minutes in the MSNBC Hot Seat

What questions would you like to ask Rob Bell? MSNBC's Martin Bashir had a few.

"Missional:" Does the Word Still Have Value?

What happens when a popular label gets in the way of the reality?

Steven Furtick: Hey, Haters

In this creative video, Pastor Steven Furtick refutes the "haters" in church and encourages a movement of unity.

God Is Listening—Are You?

In this video by Granger Church, the concept of prayer is explored from a vulnerable viewpoint.

Could Missional Thinking Change Seminary Education?

Alan Roxburgh and Eddie Gibbs talk about the issues around educating Church leaders and the challenges ahead.

Pursuing Pastoral Ministry

James MacDonald and C. J. Mahaney offer counsel to young leaders who desire to work in full-time ministry.

Can You Learn from Others?

Pastor Bill Hybels asks whether your "learning bandwidth" is getting wider or narrower?
Can Christians Get Tattoos?

Is It OK For a Christian to Get a Tattoo?

Craig Groeschel gives his take on this controversial question.

Life-Changing Grace

The Indie-film, "The Grace Card," demonstrates how one act of grace can change history.

You Can’t Scare People Into Heaven

The fear of hell by itself saves nobody.

Driscoll: With Jesus, Division Is Inevitable

Mark Driscoll explains that a passion for Jesus will always involve conflict.
One Year to Live

One Year to Live

What if you were faced with a radical choice?

Miracles and Preaching Go Together

John Wimber taught that the works of Jesus must accompany the words of Jesus.
Why Christians Are Afraid to Take Risks

Why Christians Are Afraid to Take Risks

Alan Hirsch suggests we no longer are willing to roll the dice.

New Methods and the Gospel Message

Shane Hipps invites us to consider how the method we choose to share the gospel can actually alter the message.

Ed Young: Advice for Young Leaders

Ed Young encourages young leaders with five tips for growing as a godly leader.

Incarnational God, Incarnational Scripture

If God became man in order to speak to men, perhaps the Scripture speaks in human terms in order to connect with its readers.

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Steve Scalise Thanking God and Playing Baseball Again

One year ago Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a gunman while practicing for a baseball game among lawmakers.  He almost died.

New Podcasts

Tony Morgan: Know Your Mission Field

“Church leaders should ask, ‘Who are we trying to reach?’” - Tony Morgan