Videos For Pastors

Videos For Pastors

Wayne Cordeiro: My Game-Changer

Cordeiro encourages church leaders to learn when to say "no."

The Key to Powerful Ministry

Pastor Bill Johnson reminds us: friendship with God comes first.

"I Deny the Resurrection"

Peter Rollins says others accuse him of denying the resurrection--and they're right.

Making Sense of God's OT Wrath

John Piper responds to the controversial question about God's wrath in the Old Testament.

Mark Driscoll: John's Evangelism

John directed his message of repentance to the non-religious and religious.

No One Takes the Bible Literally

Os Guinness examines what it means to say, "I believe the Bible."

Disciple Making vs. Consumerism

Alan Hirsch explains why you can never build a movement based on consumers.

"Reformed Charismatic" Blazing a New Trail

Matt Chandler believes in the gifts of the Spirit but has no place to put them.

Will Heaven Be on Earth?

Randy Alcorn and Donald Miller discuss the Biblical idea of Heaven on Earth.

What You Don’t Want to Hear About Heaven and Hell

Mark Driscoll: “There is a real hell that will be full.”

How Good Preaching Uses Personal Stories

Eugene Peterson says good preaching connects the personal stories of your congregation with the Grand Story of the Bible.

The Normal Christian Life?

Francis Chan challenges us to rethink our concept of "normal." Why isn't Biblical thinking the norm?

Tell Your Story: It Matters

Donald Miller and Phyllis Tickle discuss why the element of story is vital in good preaching.

Dave Ramsey: Think Long-Term

Craig Groeschel interviews Dave Ramsey about investing, faith, and leadership principles.

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

Hans Rosling reminds us "Having the data is not enough. I have to show it in ways people enjoy and understand."

Furtick: You're Not Francis Chan

"Sometimes God gives you the faith to get up and go and sometimes God gives you the faith to stay put," says Furtick.

Brian McLaren on Preaching with Authenticity

"In every preaching experience, you have to earn the right to be heard."

Piper: Is it All Right to Drink Alcohol?

John Piper shares his thoughts on whether it's permissible to drink alcohol.

Balancing Our Treasures

If our treasure is not balanced, what does that say about our heart?

Dallas Willard, What the Church Needs to Get Right

John Ortberg and Dallas Willard discuss the centrality of Jesus' message in the Gospels.

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Steve Scalise Thanking God and Playing Baseball Again

One year ago Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a gunman while practicing for a baseball game among lawmakers.  He almost died.

New Podcasts

Tony Morgan: Know Your Mission Field

“Church leaders should ask, ‘Who are we trying to reach?’” - Tony Morgan