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Greg Stier on Reaching the Next Generation for Christ

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Greg Stier is the founder and president of Dare 2 Share ministries. Stier has over twenty years of ministry experience and is able to relate biblical passages and common biblical stories into modern times to make The Holy Bible easier to understand. He has a passion for training young leaders to reach their generation. Greg Stier discusses how ministry leaders can create a culture of evangelism in their communites.

Big Questions:

Where does your passion for evangelism come from?

What is it going to take to reach the millennial generation?

Recently, you wrote an article called “5 Things Starbucks Can Teach the Church About Effective Evangelism. One of the tips was to focus on the thirstiest demographic. What did you mean by that?

You also talked about how Starbucks creates an above-and-beyond culture for their stores. What can the church learn from their climate?


[Tweet “The reason we aren’t engaging neighbors and coworkers with the Gospel is we don’t want to lose that relationship.”]

[Tweet “The Gospel is like a grenade. It doesn’t matter who pulls the pin … it’s gonna blow up!”]

[Tweet “The Gospel is powerful by itself. We don’t need to understand how it works to share it.”]

[Tweet “We need to share the message with love and gentleness.”]

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