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Lee Strobel Shares 6 Steps for Explosive Outreach in Your Church

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Lee Strobel is the author of more than 20 books including The Case for Christ. He is a professor at Houston Baptist University and teaching pastor at Woodlands Church in Texas.Lee Strobel’s passion is contagious as he shares about grace, evangelism and the power of story.

Big Questions:

How can pastors increase the evangelistic temperature of their churches?

Tell us about your new book, The Case for Grace?

How do we balance grace with justice?


[Tweet “Pastors and church leaders, the elders and staff, need to own and model the value that lost people matter.”]

[Tweet “Unless we have a name assigned to evangelism in the staff or key leadership of a church, you know what? It ain’t gonna get done.”]

[Tweet “Train 100% of the congregation in how to naturally and effectively communicate their faith.”]

[Tweet “Grace is so deep and so profound and it’s so emotionally packed that sometimes we need the mechanism of stories to really bring it alive”]

[Tweet “Being a Christian means relaxing in the grace of God and serving Him out of an abundance of that grace not out of an impulsive way to try to earn His favor.”]

[Tweet ” If God can take the worst thing in the world and turn it into the best thing in the world, then His grace can rescue you from your situation and help you into a relationship with him for eternity.”]

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