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Kevin Palau on How Churches Can Work Together to Reach Cities for Christ

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Kevin Palau is president of Palau Association. Their mission is to share the Gospel through evangelism and sustainable service. He is passionate about city-wide movements and is the author of Unlikely.

Big Questions:

What was it like growing up as the son of the “Billy Graham of Latin America?”

How did the idea of uniting churches begin?

How do you bear the tension of loving well and standing for truth?

How can churches replicate the relational collaborative model of serving communities?


[Tweet ““In any particular city or community, whatever the label on the church, Believers are one in Jesus Christ. And we can be more effective when we love and serve and share the Gospel if we do it together.”]

[Tweet “It gave a confidence to the gospel.”]

[Tweet “Once there’s a friendship, you can disagree respectfully and actually make some progress, at least in understanding each other. And, then you can allow that to not keep you from activating on areas where you do agree.”]

[Tweet “We were seeking the shalom of the city.”]

[Tweet “Most of us instinctively know the best way to share the good news is relationally.”]

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