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Chris Brown on Avoiding Common Mistakes Leaders Make with Money

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Chris Brown is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, pastor, and dynamic speaker carrying the message of stewardship and intentional living nationwide. Before that he was a real estate broker attending Elevation church in Charlotte, North Carolina. His call to ministry came when Elevation Pastor Steven Furtick spoke life into him, believed in him and discipled him. He’s been a campus pastor since 2007.

Big Questions:

What are some of the unique challenges pastors face as they steward their finances?

How would you take on approaching debt for a building?

How do we talk about finances in a way that leads to greater contentment and gratitude?


[Tweet “Being intentioned for ministry is nothing without being positioned for ministry.”]

[Tweet “The best thing you can do for your church sometimes is say ‘no’”]

[Tweet “Money is talked about more in the Bible than heaven and hell combined and is over 20 percent of the parables.”]

[Tweet “Make sure this isn’t just a once a year kinda thing that you talk about. Integrate it into your DNA.”]

[Tweet “We are not the owners. We are the managers of God’s stuff.”]

[Tweet “People are only going to value what the influencer values.”]

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