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Leadership Insights from the Fastest-Growing Churches in America

The Outreach 100 is a collaboration between Outreach and LifeWay Research. The goal is to identify the fastest-growing churches in America and the factors helping those churches thrive so other churches can glean information, passion and transferable concepts about what is working well for churches across the country.

Jim Long says, “We don’t just want this to be a celebration of numbers. We want to help readers understand and churches really grasp the idea that the numbers are important because every one of those numbers represents a person; a person with a story, a person who’s on the receiving end of the love of God.”

Big Questions:

What is the Outreach 100 and how does it work?

What has some of the push back been for the study?

What is the fastest growing church in America?


[Tweet “There’s a vulnerability movement happening. An authentic movement and it’s fascinating to see it sliding into church growth.”]

[Tweet “There are remarkably innovative ministries happening in smaller congregations, that there’s a certain ‘mojo’ to that small more intimate gathering that larger churches are trying to recapture.”]

[Tweet “Do we want to be the church everyone wants to go to or do we want to be the church no one wants to leave?”]

[Tweet “Sharing the vision and the passion of the church happens in the context of community.”]

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