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Jenni Catron on What Makes Extraordinary Leadership

Jenni Catron is a leadership coach and consultant with a passion for leadership. Whether it’s the ten years she spent in Nashville’s music industry or the ten plus years in ministry leadership, she has learned the importance leading well. Recently, Outreach Magazine recognized her as one of the 30 emerging influencers reshaping church leadership.

Big Questions:

What advice would you give to a leader who feels in a rut?

What’s the difference between an average leader and an extraordinary leader?

What’s been your toughest leadership moment?

What’s the state of church leadership today?

What are some core leadership habits?

Quotes from Jenni Catron:

“Extraordinary leadership is found right there in the great commandment. We have these four dimensions: heart, soul, mind and strength, which give us a framework for what great leadership can look like.”

“We need to lead ourselves well to lead others better.”

“We actually are better equipped to lead and serve and love others when we have a better awareness of where we are.”

“My health as a leader becomes a natural overflow that leads to better leadership of the people around me.”

“Leadership by its nature can start becoming lonely. The more leadership opportunities you have, the more influence you have, the more people feel they can’t be that honest with you. This is part of that self-development and self-awareness as a leader to say, ‘I have to actively go seek people and give them permission to say the hard things.’ That’s extraordinarily vulnerable.”

“We’ve seen leaders who had positions of great influence, but they didn’t have people speaking truth. Before too long, they’re the Emperor with no pants. You just have to be so committed to that. You’ve got to find the people who will speak truth. They’re the people you want to punch in the face and give a hug to at the same time. But it’s so valuable. It’s such an important part of our leadership development.”

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