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Greg Laurie on Evangelism: Build Bridges and Drop the “Christianese”

Greg Laurie is the senior pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. He is an author who is passionate about evangelism. Greg Laurie shares invaluable wisdom on evangelism – something that is for every Christian.

Big Questions:

How do you prepare for ministry in the New Year?

How do you develop an evangelistic culture in a church?

What are some ways you equip your people to do evangelism?

Quotes from Greg Laurie:

I think we have a choice before us to evangelize or fossilize.

There is a calling of evangelist, but having said that, every Christian is called to evangelize.

For many people, really the Great Commission is the “Great Omission.” We don’t do it.

The happiest Christians I know are evangelistic Christians. And the unhappiest Christians I know are the nit-picky kind that are always arguing over theological minutia and I think missing the big picture.

Sometimes I think that in the church we’re arguing theological points, and there’s a place for that, but we’re missing the big picture of a lost world that needs to hear the gospel. And, I think that’s something many in the church need to rediscover today.

I believe that new Believers are the life blood of the church. And if you don’t have a constant flow of new Believers coming in, your church will stagnate.

I think with evangelism the objective is always to build a bridge, not burn one.

Preaching from the pulpit is a monologue. Sharing our faith one-on-one is a dialogue.

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