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Carey Nieuwhof Explains How to Cross the 200 Attendance Barrier

Carey Nieuwhof is a pastor, author and speaker committed to helping leader lead better. His article, “8 Reasons Why Most Churches Don’t Break the 200 Attendance Mark” is one of the most shared articles on ChurchLeaders. It’s a relevant topic so many pastors and leaders wrestle with. On the Podcast, Carey dives deeper into why churches struggle to break the 200 attendance mark.

Big Questions:

What holds back churches from breaking the 200 attendance mark?

What are some myths to lack of growth?

What are some invisible barriers to breaking the 200 attendance mark?

Quotes from Carey Nieuwhof:

“I really think that’s what church growth is all about to me. It’s just stewarding the people God sends your way, and obviously I’m all in favor of more people coming into a relationship with Jesus.”

“I always have to sift my motives as a pastor. I have to make sure that I’m not just in it for the crowd, or I’m not just in it for the numbers, but that the people really do matter. I think you have to do that motive test, I think you have to sift your heart.”

“Number one, you have to have a strategy. Number two, you have to get buy-in around that strategy. Number three, you have to endure it.”

“‘How do you know if you’re a leader?’ You look over your shoulder and see if people are following.”

“You can’t have a direct relationship with everybody as a leader of a church over 200, so you have to have a relationship with your leaders.”

“If you’ve got great people who are making solid contributions walking out the door, you need to look in the mirror.”

“You’ve got to get volunteers from being doers to being leaders. I think you’ve got to empower them.”

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