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Ronnie Floyd: How to Wake Up a Sleeping Church

Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the senior pastor at Cross Church and the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Floyd is passionate about preparing pastors for life and ministry and seeks global advancement of the Gospel. We were honored to have Dr. Floyd on the ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss key topics, from issues in the church today, to a pastor’s role in politics, to reaching Millennials.

Key Questions:

What is the most pressing issue, in your observation, for the American church today?

What are some influencing factors contributing to that crisis of spiritual passion and growth we’re seeing today in the church?

What are some tips you would give to pastors today as we head into the political season?

Do you feel like Millennials are dropping out of church? If so, what are you doing and encouraging leaders to do to re-engage and pursue Millennials for the kingdom?

Key Quotes:

“We just have a self-sufficiency that is really an enemy to the church, and an enemy to our walk with Christ. We really need to counteract that with actions of the Gospel, with actions of being filled with the Holy Spirit, and being men and women and teenagers for God. That’s what our ultimate hope should be.”

“To me, America needs an unprecedented move of the Lord like we have not seen in our generation.”

“We need to learn to believe God again. God can do what He says He can do. God can do with you what He always wanted to do. We need to surrender, we need to walk in the power of His might, we need to trust Him and we need to stand believing that God is able.”

“We ought to be pointing them to the ultimate answer, and that is the church needs to wake up, and we need to see in this country an unprecedented move of God, another Great Awakening, and another Great Spiritual Awakening. I would say another thing that we really, really strongly encourage externally is the whole element of reaching across the ethnicities and the races.”

“The whole country is walking through some tumultuous days over race issues, and we would have never thought that. The church has got to lead this issue. The answer is in the church, and the last place in the world where there should ever be any element of racism ought to be in the church of Jesus Christ.”

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